A Weekend in Napa Valley (Part One)

This was a BIG getaway, so it’ll be a two-part post! Earlier this year we headed down to Napa Valley to celebrate Erica’s 30th birthday and the May long weekend. Instead of the picture-perfect sun-dappled vineyards and California heat we were so badly craving after our never-ending winter, the theme of the trip was RAIN…

Creekside Cellar Tasting

In recent years wine club culture has been booming in a big way. More than just wine delivery, membership will get you access to perks like special release wines, invites to exclusive events, and other deals. Case in point: last week, we were invited to a cellar tasting event at Creekside Estate Winery in Niagara….

Wine Getaways: Pelee Island

The warm weather is (finally) on its way, and we want to share this post about a trip we took last year to the southernmost populated point in Canada, and incidentally the birthplace of the Canadian wine industry, Pelee Island! Pelee Island is located in Lake Erie, between Leamington, Ontario to the north and Cleveland,…

Winery Visit: Rosewood

We stopped by Rosewood Estates Winery recently to check out their new renovated look, try some wines, and learn what they do. Rosewood is a winery, meadery, and apiary operation all rolled into one. In fact the business started with a few beehives, and has grown to 300 (!) hives that produce natural wildflower honey….